About Athenaes Siegel

Athenaes Siegel was founded 1985 in Vienna, with the main function to popularize, promote and play pen and paper role-playing games.

For this purpose regularly club meetings take place, where role-playing games are played. We are playing „The Dark Eye“, "Dungeons & Dragons", „Shadowrun“ and many other systems, some of them little-known and some of them old-established.

Furthermore we support our members by maintaining a library, which allows them to play different systems without buying every rulebook by their own. Our rounds find together either beforehand or directly at the club meetings - depending on the game master. To join the club meetings simple come around and participate. If you want to play along at the very first evening, and you don’t have a figure - or like role-players call it, a character - we recommend raising your hand in the forum in advance. Thereby we can sort out your interests and prepare ourselves.

Our association is also present at many different role playing events in Austria to introduce our hobby to the public and to arouse interest.


Club history

Athenaes Siegel is one of the longest-serving associations in austria that deals with role-playing games.

Meaningful events in club history:

1984, Autumn

First role-playing evenings take place at cafe Zartl. In the same year the location is changed to tavern Laurin.

1985, Januar

The association is founded under the designation "Athenaes Schwadron". Given that Schwadron is German for squadron, many club-members state, that the chosen name was too military and disagreeable. The name was changed to „Athenaes Siegel“.


The leaseholder of the Laurin quits the tavern. She establishes the restaurant Reginas in the 15 District. Due to the friendly contact between the rolplaying club and the owner we also move.


The association celebrates its 20 year club anniversary and helps founding the Fantasy Gaming Council.

2006, May

The restaurant Reginas is closed, and the association has to look for a new location. Temporary we switch to cafe Sperlhof as playing place. Due to the room layout it is not appropriate as permanent solution.

2006, July

The cafe Goldenegel in the 3 District becomes our new club location.

2007, September

The association purchases the web domain "www.Athenaes-Siegel.at".


The association celebrates its 25 year club anniversary.

2011, May

By reason of the new Tabaco-Law we have to give up the back room, which is rearranged to a smoker’s area. We were trying for some time to arrange with the new circumstances. Finally we had to accept, that we have to move again.

2011, August

We come to an agreement with WoW/Keepers, that we share their playing place and finally moved to our new location.


The association celebrates its 30 year club anniversary.

2015, November

We got for the first time a booth at the Vienna Comic Con and the opportunity to present our association.

2017, July

Move-out form the shared location from WoW/Keepers and move-in at the transient location at Pfarre Stadlau.

2017, October

Move-in to our own location at Gaullachergasse.