Club meetings

Our club meetings take place every Friday and Saturday, starting at 6:30 p.m. The club house is situated in Gaullachergasse 61/1, 1160 Vienna.

Food and drink

Bringing and consuming own food and drink is permitted. It is also possible to buy some snacks and drinks locally, and thereby supporting our club.


Please note that usually, play sessions are held in German. If you want to play English sessions, please notify us beforehand, using the thread with the corresponding date in the "Aktivitäten im Vereinslokal" section of our forum.


By public transport

Station Josefstädter Straße: subway U6, tramways 2 or 33 and then 5 minutes walk.
Station Haberlgasse: tramway 2 
Station Frauengasse: tramway 44

Location plan:


Club rounds, Characters and Campaigns

Due to the structure of our regular club meetings, we handle characters and campaigns slightly different than private groups. While most times a character in a private group is created for a certain campaign and is only played for this occasion, a "club character" needs to be a little bit more flexible.

The reason for this is the lack of predictability, which players and game masters wil be attending and which rounds will play at a certain club evening. Most times, this is discussed beforehand in our internet forum in the section "Aktivitäten im Vereinslokal". But many groups are formed right on the spot in our club, depending on the wishes of the present people.

Therefore it is common that many characers are played with different game masters and that campaigns have changing participants. In favor of the present players it is not possible to take non-present regular players into consideration. Both at single-rounds and campains the special backgrounds and individual goals take a back seat, since the game master don't know them, or they simply don't fit into the adventure, and the current adventure or generel happenings come to the fore.

So it's very wise to create your character in a way that he or she fits in as many groups as possible, with as little "corners and edges" the game master has to deal with as possible. It's also a good idea not to put too much effort in a background story or a personal goal, for sometimes it will be hard to play this out in a proper manner in many groups. And enforcing these things in a regular group will unlikely lead to much enjoyment for both you and the group. You should also be ready to accumulate many characters in many different settings and systems over time instead of playing just one character for a very long time.

At the end, it should be noted that we try to create groups and game sessions which allow as many players and characters to participate as possible and that we are no nit-pickers when it comes to time and space in our gaming worlds. For example, just because the group is gaming in a time-line before the character is even born, should not mean that your character can't participate. Or you can even play your one character in two different gaming groups at the same time. As long as you're fine with your character, the other gamers will be too.

Have fun.