This page introduces the role-playing club "Athenaes Siegel". This hompage shall be understood to go along with our Facebook-appearance and our forum. Athenaes Siegel deals with popularizing, promoting and playing pen and paper role-playing games in vienna.

Athenaes Siegel - Rollenspielverein
Gaullachergasse 61/1
A-1160 Wien

Address for service according to register of associations:
Athenaes Siegel – Rollenspielverein
c/o Herbert Graf
Minciostraße 14/3
A-1150 Vienna

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Registered association since 17.01.1986 at the Federal Police Headquarters Vienna, Office for Association, Assembly and Media Law Matters.

Association register: 186937826


chairman: Johannes Stephan Haslhofer
vice chairman: Alexander Baumer
treasurer: Sabine Heuer
vice treasurer: Werner Farkas
clerk: Herbert Graf
vice clerk: Roland Wolf
auditors: Andreas Eschelmüller
Richard Bencs